The Best Inergy Apex Solar Generator

The Inergy Apex solar generator has everything that we need most. To make you understand how powerful this generator is, it works:

Outdoor Kodiak testing Mercedes Lilienthal

This generator has already been improved for our convenient use.

  • Refrigerator — more than 8 hours
  • LED LCD TV — 16 hours
  • Laptop — 20 hours
  • Phones — 100+ hours
  • Microwave — 1 hours
  • LED light — 180 hours
  • Tablets — 40 hours

Complete with generator go:

  • 1 — Inergy apex generator
  • 1 — Charge devices
  • 1 — Instruction
  • 1 — Carrying strap
  • 1 — Year warranty
  • Customer support
  • Free shipping
  • Standard ac charger and standard wall charger

Advantages of the generator

This flex power station has a quick wall charger, so your generator will charge very fast and weighs 5 lbs. This generator is very comfortable to use in the camp, at homes, or RV. It’s a very powerful solar generator for comfortable home life. You can also use this motor when there is a power outage. Solar generator equipped with emergency power.

Nowadays more and more people refused propane portable generators for post solar generators.

Inergy apex solar generatot features:

  • Internal battery — inergy lithium ion batterie with surge charging
  • Battery works 10 years
  • AC Inverter: 1,500 Watts continious pure sine wave and 3,000 Watts — starrting energy
  • Less that 3 hours charged
  • Usb c charge ports
  • Power switch

Reasons to buy inergy apex solar generator

1) Flex power station

These solar panels are very convenient for traveling, camping luxury, and for home appliances, it weighs only 25 lbs. To get more energy you need to use the correct pannels.

2) Solar panels

You can choose the panel that you like best because this will depend on how quickly your apex generator will be charged.

3) Charge time

You can control the charging time of your batteries. Inergy apex is the best and the faster generation for uses.

Check power

First of all, you should make a list of the electrical loads, when you should consider any form of alternative power. 

When you know your power requirements, you can buy a generator with a minimum power requirement. It is very important for your radio, freezer, computer and a couple of light circuits. All these requirements can easily be powered by a small portable generator.

For the ultimate in emergency power or camping luxury without the hassles of traditional fuel-powered generators.

Before you buy this solar generator!

Inergy apex solar generator — it’s a power station, which helps people when there isn’t any energy. Also, this generator had a PWM charge controller and MPPT charge controller, these two options are very important nowadays.

The Apex has a modifying Kodiak, which weighs only 20 lbs, and the Apex has 25 lbs and is very lightweight.

Some disadvantages

Wall charger — it will be a bit to hard use them because charging will continue for more than 13 hours! Lithium charging for a long time, but this generator has many lifecycles.

The Apex generator has fast charging, which is twice as fast as usual.

Apex didn’t have a car charger and surely this is one of the biggest disadvantages. I could never have thought that such a powerful generator doesn’t have a car charger.


I think inergy apex solar generator is the best generator in the Apex series. 5 solar panels cope with their function and also these traditional fuel-powered generators.

It is very comfortable to use out of grilling on the road, or when you have a holiday, or during a power outage.

Solar generators are very popular, but it means that you will use them only when the weather is sunny.

Solar panels and solar generators — play important roles in our lives, they help us and make our life easier.

Apex-powered portable solar has very powerful characteristics. With their help, you can charge everything on your cell phones, your laptops, your tablets, different LED lights, and other devices.

You can sell energy from solar panels to your neighborhood and as a result, you will receive money. A big presence of people in this way earn big money.

Also, this solar generator has a lot of USB ports, so you can charge your gadgets whatever you want. Also with help of USB c charge ports, you can connect speakers and listen to music on your outdoor weekend.


In my opinion apex solar generator — replace fuel generator, it’s more ‘eco — friendly’, more savings and more practice to use. Also, this generator has a lithium-ion battery, which will be working for more than 10 years and can charge by ac charge or wall charger.

Also, it’s very used to use, because this generator has a playing interface, which shows you all information you need to know. Our generator has a lot of good reviews from our customers. We think that it’s the most important part of our job.

Make the right decision and choose the best solar panels for your uses, but we recommend using energy apex generation.

More and more people in the world buy solar panels to earn some money. It’s very convenient for people, but it’s not cheap. It doesn’t matter what you have a portable generator or solar panel, each of these inventions has pros and cons and if you hesitate to buy, you can watch some high-quality video on youtube. And don’t forget that some generators have new options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. So before you make a purchase explore all resources and make the right decision about what you want to buy!

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