Our Favourite Queenslands Towns

We have a few days now of no travelling, so I thought I’d do a post on our favourite Queensland towns. So in no particular order, here is 3 of them. Don’t be thinking that we only have 3 favourites though, oh there’s plenty more than 3. But they are for another post 🙂

Hervey Bay

Population – >63,000

Known for – massive retiree population

Hervey Bay map

Hervey Bay is a bustling little town just north of Maryborough, on the Queensland coast. This town seems to really get the good weather, with temperatures mostly in the 20’s during summer, and really not much less than that in the winter. I have read in multiple places that the rainfall is lower than most other holiday-type towns, which would account for its popularity with the retirees maybe.

It is a very beautiful stretch of the coast line, and is famed for the whale watching each year. Personally, I do NOT like being on the water, so whale watching for me is through binoculars…

Hervey Bay does have a lot of water-related things to do, such as the gorgeous beaches and attractions like Reefworld Aquarium. Fishing charters are popular, and the town does a great job of showing off it’s history. If you are in the area, at the very least get yourself down to the beach and have a wander. One of the things we were most impressed with is the wheelchair-accessible walkway winding along between the road and the beach.


Population – >10,500

Known for – the Big Mango


Another sweet little town on the coast, Bowen is easily missed if you are just following along the Bruce Highway. As you enter from the south, a huge Mango sits on the side of the road, which was famously “stolen” a couple of years ago. It was found very close by, and that set off a theory that it was staged… Perhaps to bring more attention to Bowen. Ultimately it would seem a local restaurant and a mango flavoured addition to their menu, was responsible…

The Don River runs to the ocean just north of the township, and the Bruce crosses it on the northern side too. We have been over this river so many times, and yet only twice have we seen water in it. When it’s dry you can look down from the bridge and see plenty of wheel tracks winding up and down the dry bed, both 4 wheels and 2 wheels, so I’d say it’s a regular spot for the locals to play.

Flagstaff hill is a great spot for lunch, with a very groovy viewing deck that gives you a full 360 degree view right over Bowen as well as out over the Whitsunday islands. It’s only a short drive from town, and from the hill it’s only a short drive to some of the sweetest little coves I’ve ever been to. Rose Bay is a delightful little spot, tight parking, but good ice creams!


Population – >3,000

Known for – The Stockmans Hall of Fame


Deep in the heart of Queensland, along the Capricorn Hwy, is a small outback town with a strong history. The very interesting Qantas museum is located here, right next to the airport. (funny, that.) We stayed in Longreach for a couple of nights, and the stars you can see at night make the hot days worth sticking around for.

Longreach is suffering right now (2016) from months and months of drought. A lot of businesses have shut their doors and a lot of families are having to make some very heart-breaking decisions. If you are coming through this area, stop here and stock up on your supplies. Spend some money and a bit of time here, these people really need our support.


Cruisin’ Central QLD Coast With The Dog

We’ve been cruising around the central Queensland coast for the last few weeks, and it is hot! I’m talking about the weather…. There’s been some much needed rain around the place but not really the usual summer rain I’m used to seeing.

I had my phone fixed a little while back so I’ve been able to stay ahead of the weather again. We both really enjoy being able to jump onto various weather apps and see where the rain is, where the really heavy rain is, and where you just know it’s going to be cooking the next day! That bit is important because we’ve got the dog with us and we’ve got to always make sure he doesn’t get too hot.

We met up with another couple last week, they are travelling with 2 dogs, both much bigger than ours. Their vehicle was packed to the hilt and somehow their 2 dogs fitted in the back somewhere. They were towing a nice big 4wd caravan and sporting the next model 4wd up from ours. Can’t resist having a chat with others who are doing what we are doing, in a vehicle similar to ours (wink).

Good on them, I don’t know how long I could put up with 2 big dogs in the car with us. Our little fulla is about the same size as my handbag, and has a good set of ears, so he is really easy to travel with.

our dog

Occasionally we get a bit of a rouse up about travelling with him. I guess some people just don’t get it. And fair enough. Dogs aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. I met a lady years ago who was living the nomad lifestyle, with her cat….

We plan on hanging about in this are for perhaps another month or so, then we are going to start heading north a bit. Hubby is keeping an eye on the seasonal cyclone outlook as we are hopeful to just stay the heck away from any, while still being able to travel in the tropical north. We’ve done that every year so far… fingers crossed…

Driving Around Queensland, Australia

Queensland is fast turning into Australia’s most visited tourist destination. For couples or families searching for an outdoor sun filled adventure occasion showcasing a diverse and ceaseless dynamite coastline, then Queensland is an absolute necessity for any itinerary.

The most inadequately populated area of Queensland is circumstance in the northwest of the state known as the Gulf of Carpentaria which is an enormous mass of water that shadows the northwest. At the uttermost point north of Queensland is the Torres Strait Islands and includes little tropical islands.

For a real honest to goodness Australian adventure, Queensland has the part. For the city slickers, Brisbane has an occupied corporate CBD, and socially there is everything without exception running from pumping nightlife to divine cooking on each corner. An hours drive south will take you to the Gold Coast and the world famous Surfers Paradise. Be aware you need car air conditioning in Queensland.

The element and up business sector Gold Coast district has a few of the greatest tourist attract cards the world. Dream world Theme Park is a national symbol that components Scream world, AVPX – Alien versus Predator Vs., Nickelodeon Central, Wiggles World, helicopter moonlight trips and the Imax Theater. Dream world incorporates thrill rides, family rides and children’s rides. Still need more? Bring your swimmers and get set for The Super Tubes Hydro Coaster, The Rip and The Temple of Huey.

If you have begun your Queensland adventure in the states prevalent capital city, Brisbane, consider traveling north 100kms to the magnificent Sunshine coast. Ensure your auto electrical system is serviced and running correctly. This is the place your sun and surf adventure begins! Here is the place you will get your first real taste of the quite begrudged Queensland loose lifestyle. Different attractions incorporate Australia Zoo, home to the late Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter) and the quite cherished Under Water World Aquarium.


The Great Barrier Reef is found 1800kms north of Brisbane. A percentage of the magnificent tropical islands that frame the Great Barrier Reef included: Haggerstone Island, Lizard Island, Green Island, Bedarra Island, Dun Island, Magnetic Island, Hayman Island, and likely its most famous island – Hamilton Island. The Great Barrier Reef is basically a world far from whatever is left of the world and remains solitary in its notoriety for a definitive in resort style living.

There are many operational coal mines in Queensland, with some of the most amazing looking heavy machinery and vehicles. A large number of people are employed in this industry, I personally know a truck auto electrician working in a coal mine. This industry is likely nearing its end.

There is no other place entirely like the outstanding loose lifestyle on offer in Queensland. It’s minimal marvel why more than 1000 individuals from around the globe are moving here consistently and are choosing to experience the great Aussie dream.


Mobile Device Repair Help Is Here!

Mobile Device Repair Help Is Here!

You may have a little trouble getting help with mobile device repair if you haven’t worked on it before. Don’t just throw out your device and get a new one. Chances are, you can get a problem fixed and get it back into working condition for a very low price.

mobile device

Figure out how to phrase the problem so that you can look it up online to see if you can fix it yourself or if you should take it in to an expert. Remember, you can’t trust all of the methods that you read online to try and fix something expensive like a mobile device. Sometimes people will intentionally tell you the wrong thing to do. This is funny to them and it could end in you throwing away money, so don’t try anything unless you know what you are doing and have done extensive research.

Call a phone repair service!

A device may seem like a lost cause, but don’t throw it out or get mad and break it worse when it’s having problems. Call up a repair company and ask them if they have heard of your problem and then seek out whether or not they are capable of fixing your mobile device. You may find that even things like spilling water on your phone can be fixed. If your device is having a problem, don’t try to turn it on, keep it off and find a company to work with.

call mobile phone repair company

Companies that you should work with are those that have good reviews. You should always research who you are about to work with, and should avoid people that think they can fix a device for you that don’t have any training. A lot of people, for instance, will say in an online ad that they’ll fix a device for very cheap and all they do is look up the problem and try the solutions. You need a company to work on it that will give you a guarantee since if there is a private party that breaks your device there isn’t much you can do.

When you’re able to get mobile device repair done in the right way, you will be pleased with your decision. Never again are you going to have to waste money on getting a whole new device if you don’t need one. Being able to work with whom you find through using this advice will benefit you and your acquaintances.

Travelling by car needs air conditioning in Queensland

Travelling in Queensland by car definitely needs air conditioning. The best form of transportation, to see the Queensland sights and keep everything working, is by car. If you do not enjoy taking tours, traveling by car is the only way to see the out of the way places. Premium, diesel and unleaded fuel is available at all petrol stations and LPG (gas) is available in populated areas but not always in the remote service stations. Depending on place and time the price of gas varies, however it always goes up on weekends and bank holidays.


There are many rental companies available and the best thing to remember is that if you want to travel a long distance then you will need a policy with unlimited kilometers. Big firms sometimes offer one-way rentals so that you can pick it up in one town and drop it off when you reach your destination but there are a variety of restrictions on these deals and sometimes there can be a huge drop-off fee so read the small print. 4WD and camper vans are a booming market. Having a 4WD enables you to get right off the beaten track and out to some of the natural wonders that most travelers miss but insurance on these can be high and some insurance on 4wd does not cover damage done when off road (anything not bitumen or dirt road).

Queensland roads consist of a few multi lane highways, major roads with two lanes and dirt roads which are great for seeing the countryside.  It is important while driving, especially at dawn and dusk, that you are aware of Kangaroos. They are the most common hazard on Australian roads, no matter what speed you are driving you will make a mess of both your car and the Kangaroo should you hit one.


Most Australians choose not to travel too much at night because of the hazards caused by animals but if you are on a strict schedule , you may find it necessary so if you are travelling in the dark and a large animal appears in front of you , hit the brakes and dip your lights and only swerve if its safe to do so. Numerous travelers have been killed in accidents caused by swerving to miss animals .Sometimes its safer for you to hit the animal however traumatic this may be.

Along the east coast in general but especially in country areas, drink driving is a real problem. Serious attempts are being made to address this but the vast area is a disadvantage. You will almost definitely come across a random breath testing station or booze bus somewhere on your travels and more often or not these test for drugs and substance abuse too .If you have a level of blood-alcohol in Australia more than 0.05% be prepared for a hefty fine and the loss of your licence. Also there is always a danger of parking fines in major cities and tourist towns so be sure park in the proper place even if it may cost a bit!

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